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1, Unique knowledge of harmonic reduction gear meshing theory

Through research, we found that harmonic meshing is based on the geometric mapping theory of curve (curved surface). The theory is brand new one whose intellectual property rights are solely owned by our company. In addition to applying in harmonic reducer, it can also be applied in high rigid RH reducer for the purpose of precise control. Traditional theory is established according to Willis theorem, i.e. , on the basis of this theory , the conjugate tooth shape is deduced. However, harmonic meshing is comparatively special, in fact, it is not conjugate. Our theory is optimized from traditional theory, so that meshing application scope is much broader and it is more suitable for harmonic meshing.

2, We invented brand new harmonic meshing tooth shape “P type tooth”

After Shape comparison of P type tooth by our company and tooth of similar foreign products, the strong points of P type tooth are prominent

1. Tooth height is low and relatively bigger meshing capacity can be obtained without necessary deep meshing distance, furthermore, bigger torque can be borne.
2. Relatively wide tooth width, increased tooth base arc can reduce the risk of fracture failure.
3. Life span of flexspline can be greatly improved owing to low necessary deformation of flexspline.
4. Up to 20%~30% of teeth are involved in meshing, so that specific pressure on tooth surface is comparatively low.

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